Reusable Anti-Bacterial / Anti-viral Fabric Protective Face Masks

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Friendlier to the environment than one-time-use disposable masks.

Reusable and washable more than 50 times without losing filtration efficiency.

BFE > 95%.

Anti-bacterial / Anti-viral copper and/or silver fiber fabric.

Highly breathable waterproof PTFE film.

Fashionable and stylish design.

Made in Taiwan


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  • Friendlier to the environment than one-time-use disposable masks, due to their reusability.
  • Multi-layer reusable anti-bacterial protective face mask:
    • External layer: Highly breathable waterproof PTFE film.
    • Internal layer: Copper and/or Silver fiber anti-bacterial fabric.
  • Anti-bacterial:
    • Passed Kaken-Japan test (Bacteriostatic activity AATCC 100)
  • BFE > 95%
  • FFP2 Standard
  • Reusable
  • Washable (up to 50 times without losing filtration efficiency)
  • Adjustable ear-hanging type
  • Comfortable
  • Non-sterile

External Layer

About the PTFE protective film fabric

  • Blocks bacteria, viruses, gases, toxic or harmful gases, and liquids, such as a patient's blood, saliva, urine, etc.
  • It can be used in laboratories, stations, slaughterhouses, earthquake-stricken areas and other places with potential pathogenic and bacterial infections and risks.
  • PTFE protects from droplet infection of harmful viruses, such as the novel COVID-19.
  • PTFE can be used in non-intensive care units and operating rooms.

Internal Layer

About the internal Copper and/or Silver fiber anti-bacterial fabric

  • Filtration performance: > 95% for particles as small as 75nm (0.075 μm), meeting the standard of the disposable N95 masks,
  • Reports indicate the Coronavirus particle size to be around 100 nm (0.100 μm).

Use of bacteriostatic copper (Cu+) and/or Silver (Ag+) as a bacterial inhibiting material

  • Copper, Silver and their alloys are natural antimicrobial materials.
  • Copper and Silver produce Cu+ and Ag+ ions respectively. Positively charged copper and/or silver ions interact with negatively charged microorganisms; this causes holes in the outer membranes of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.
  • When the outer protective membrane of the microorganism is broken, the positively charged ions can flow easily into the cells and destroy or hinder proteins and enzymes required for them to function.

First time use

  • Hand-wash with clear water (max. 30°C).
  • Hang to dry.

Washing instructions

  • Soak in clear cold water for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Gently rub and wash with pH neutral detergent.
  • Rinse thoroughly with sufficient clear water.
  • Hang dry before use.

Reminders for product care

  • Do not use strong detergents, powdered detergents, bleach or dry cleaning.
  • Do not use washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing.
  • Depending on personal habits, it is recommended to wash 1 to 3 times per week.
  • During an epidemic, it is advisable to wash once per day.
  • 1 unit per bag
  • 500 units per shipping box
  • 3.50 Kg (7.70 lb) per shipping box
  • Box size: 60.00 cm x 50.00 cm x 40.00 cm (23.62 in x 19.69 in x 15.75 in)
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