Wells Bio Care Gene™ N-CoV RT-PCR kit - Novel Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) RT-PCR kit

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* Important Notice: Once your order is placed, we will contact you for a Letter of Intent (LOI), as well as your permit(s) for Covid-19 virus test kits.

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Manufactured by: Wells Bio Inc.

Shipped from Incheon, South Korea.

* Note: All images and product data used for this product are property of Wells Bio Inc.

  • Each kit yields 100 tests.
  • Detect two gene regions and simultaneously detect beta-CoV as well as novel coronaviruses.
  • WHO/KCDC recommended Primer/Probe Sequence.
  • 2 Tube Components for testing PAN CoV and Novel coronavirus.
  • Endogenous Internal Control (IC) Applied prevents contamination using UDG.
  • Easy interpretation (2 Target ( RdRp / E gene) + Internal Controls).
  • Superior Analytical Sensitivity: 5 copies/ uL.
  • Wide range of instrument setting: CFX96 / AB7500 / QS5
  • Short turnaround time: within 83 min.
  • CE-IVD approved Export License from MFDS

One Step Real Time Reverse Transcription PCR

The reverse transcription (RT) and qPCR step are both conducted in the same reaction well. As the specific sequence is amplified, the taqman probe hybridized to the target is dissociated to generate fluorescence.

Accurately target Genes

Primer design refers to WHO and KCDC recommended Protocol

Prevent contamination using UDG system

Remove the contamination product using UDG before reaction.

Applied Endogenous Internal Control

Wells Bio : Add the Endogenous Human Controls at PCR reaction step.

Competitors : Add the Internal controls at Extraction Step = inconvenience

Detection target

2019-nCoV (COVID-19)

Target region

Orf1a, N gene

Detection technology

Real-Time OneStep RT-qPCR

Specimen type

Nasopharyngeal swab, Oropharyngeal swab, Sputum

Compatible instruments*

(The end user MUST have Real-Time PCR equipment)

Bio-Rad CFX96™ Real-Time PCR System

Applied Biosystems ABI 7500 / 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

Applied Biosystems QS5

PCR running time

~ 83 mins



4 x 1-step RT-PCR Mix

500 μl x 2

Pan-CoV primer/probe mix

500 µl x 1

N-CoV primer/probe mix

500 µl x 1

Positive control

500 µl x 1

Nuclease free water

600 μl x 1

  • Approved for use on 2020/02/27 by the MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) in KCDC (Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • CE
  • Shipping box size: 50.00 cm x 43.00 cm x 40.00 cm (19.69 in x 16.93 in x 15.75 in)
  • Storage considerations: Frozen storage below -20 °C.
  • Shelf-life: 6 months from date of manufacture.
  • Shipping method: Airfreight DDP (for sea freight, please contact us).
  • Shipping considerations: 
    • By air: RKN container @ -20 °C.
    • By sea: RF container @ -20 °C.
  • Packaging type: Styrofoam box packing with ice pack.
  • Import considerations: The import company must be able to import medical equipment.
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Type Medical
Sub-Type Pathogen Detection
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